Trish Ollman is an English born author and screenwriter based in Canberra, ACT. 

In 2016, after many years as a real estate property manager, Trish decided to try her hand at something she had wanted to do since a child…write a book. 

Trish’s inaugural book ‘A Girl from Birkenhead, an autobiography, was a great success, selling well over 50,000 copies. This spurred Trish on to subsequently write six more books, one of which ‘Escape to Paradise Island’ (working title ‘Last Resort), is in pre-production for a feature film. 

Trish is currently writing ‘The Worst Week of My Life’, and ‘Secrets’, both due to be released in late 2021 and 2022. To date, Trish has sold over 100,000 books worldwide. 


  • ‘A Girl from Birkenhead’
  • ‘Dear Alice’
  • ‘Escape to Paradise Island’ 
  • ‘Return to Paradise Island’
  • ‘The Office Girls’
  • ‘Cry: The Tears of a Girl from Birkenhead’
  • ‘The Worst Week of My Life’
  • ‘Secrets’


  • ‘Last Resort’ (based on the Paradise Island Books)

TV Series projects:

  • ‘Annie’ for the BBC TV.
  • ‘The Worst Week of My Life’ 

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson has a Bachelor Arts degree with a Double Major in Theatre Arts and Journalism (Curtin University 1997). As a third-year student, she won an AFI Screen Producers Award (WA Chapter) in 1999 for a Documentary she produced starring Andrew Denton, Julia Morris, Kitty Flanagan, Tim Ferguson and Greg Fleet “Dying is Easy…Comedy Is Hard” and sold it to the Foxtel Network.

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