Adam Boys has been telling stories for the film and television industry for over 15 years across Australia and North America. Adam graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the Australian Film and Television and Radio School in 2018. 

Adam has starred in a Canadian Indie feature film, appeared in a USA TV drama role and created and produced a popular online reality series.

He has also directed high-energy and moving short films, such as Brunch Shift Massacre (2019) (winner, SUFF, MonsterFest and HorrorHound).

Most recently, Adam directed an episode of Doctor Who for the BBC (Web of Fear, 2021) and performed the motion capture for 14 characters.As a writer and producer, Adam continues to challenge himself and the Australian landscape with ambitious and engaging content.

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson has a Bachelor Arts degree with a Double Major in Theatre Arts and Journalism (Curtin University 1997). As a third-year student, she won an AFI Screen Producers Award (WA Chapter) in 1999 for a Documentary she produced starring Andrew Denton, Julia Morris, Kitty Flanagan, Tim Ferguson and Greg Fleet “Dying is Easy…Comedy Is Hard” and sold it to the Foxtel Network.

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